The artisan expertise of Italian manufacturing is the leitmotif of every Valentina Ferragni creation.

Entirely designed and produced in Italy, Valentina Ferragni jewels want to be an ode to the heritage of the Italian jewelry, thanks to the work of expert goldsmiths who make traditional craftsmanship the real flagship of our jewels.

Each Valentina Ferragni jewel is made with quality materials such as 925 silver and 24kt gold or platinum plating and the enameling, setting and finishing processes are entirely handmade.

Together with Made in Italy, infact, Handmade is what really differentiates each of our product.

The completely artisanal and handmade manufacturing gives life to unique products, each with its own soul and personality, which is why every small difference is not to be considered a defect, but a peculiar and original feature of eachsingle creation.

A video to take you with us throughout the manufacturing and production process of Valentina Ferragni jewels.

From the creation of the mold to the enameling and finishing, our jewels make an all-Italian journey to become unique and quality products.



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